Solar Thermal Markets - On Track for 2020? (2012)

This presentation by ESTIF's Robin Welling - given at the  2012 Renewable and Cooling Platform - analyses 2011 statistics for the EU solar thermal market, in order to evaluate whether member states are collectively on track to meet their 2020 targets. Overall, the market levelled off in 2011, with all the major markets except Germany (which had +11% growth) experiencing a decrease in installed capacity.

The presentation attributes Italy and Spain's declining markets to their  wider economic turmoil, which has also created worrying uncertainties regarding the policy support mechanisms put in place by their governments. Poland has bucked the trend with +70% growth to develop a market over 200,000m2. Other emerging markets have generally slowed down, with Czech Republic and Portugal particularly falling victim to 'stop and go' incentives policy.

In general, the presentation concludes that the solar thermal market in 2011 does not reflect growth rates in the action plans, although member states are on target for the overall share of renewable energy sources. 

Date: 2012

Author: ESTIF

Pages: 16

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