Solar Thermal Legislation on Municipal, Regional and National Level in Spain: Success and Remaining Barriers (2007)

This overview, which was presented at the 2007 ESTEC conference, summarises the current status of solar thermal legislation in Spain and in the Catalan region in particular. The leading role Barcelona has played in making the installation of solar thermal systems compulsory in new buildings, and the positive results of it, was a catalyst for setting ambitious goals on national level.

This document however also lists some of the key-barriers which could slow down the anticipated growth potential of the solar thermal market in Spain. Among these barriers, we find a general lack of information concerning solar thermal energy. Also, the administrative burden of compulsory certification does not facilitate the introduction of foreign companies into the Spanish market or the commercialisation of new product developments.

The Catalan government has undertaken several activities to overcome these hurdles in order to promote solar thermal energy among which the demonstration project “CAP Roger de Flor”.

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