Solar Thermal in Industries: Status and Perspectives (2012)

This presentation was made by Werner B. Koldehoff at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) workshop "Solar Thermal Thailand" held in Berlin on March 2012. It presents the status of solar thermal industry in Germany and worldwide to analyse the potential develoment of the industry in Thailand. 

The document presents a solar radiation comparison between Thailand and Germany to demonstrate the potential of solar thermal in Thailand; it presents a cost comparison between solar thermal and photovoltaic and present examples of domestic and large scale solar thermal systems.

The market potential and market share of solar thermal is introduced. The document includes also examples of solar thermal initiatives in several countries. Several examples of possible applications are provided, including solar cooling and industrial process heat.  

Author: Werner B. Koldehoff

Date: 2012

Pages: 28

Download document here



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