Solar Thermal Energy Technologies for Industrial Applications - India’s Experience (2008)

Presented by Shirish Garud (The Energy Resources Institute) at the 2008 Global Renewable Energy Forum in Brazil, this presentation outlines the potential of solar thermal technologies for industrial applications in India.

After an overview of Indian industry, the presentation lists the thermal energy requirements of each different industrial process (°C). The highest requirements are for steel-rerolling and ceramic and tiles. The presentation then gives the annual fuel replacement possible for each process, and the consequent annual CO2 savings across Indian industry.

This data is supported with a series of case studies on various solar thermal technologies already implemented in India, such as solar drying for fish processing. A number of barriers to further development are suggested - low technical capacity, low willingness to invest and site constraints - with South-South Cooperation marked as the way forward.

Author: Shirish Garud

Year: 2008

Pages: 39

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