Solar Thermal Energy in Delaware (2007)

This presentation was created by the Delaware Million Solar Roofs Coalition, an association that advocates for the use of solar energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency.  The presentation was used to inform people in Delaware on the basics of solar thermal energy.

To begin, the differences between solar thermal technology and solar pv technology are looked at.  This includes the physical characteristics, economics of, and worldwide installed capacity.  Then the presentation examines the potential for solar thermal energy deployment in the state of Delaware.

Next the presentation examines the various applications of solar thermal, domestic & industrial, and how they could be used in Delaware.  Different scenarios and examples of how flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors could be deployed are used to explore the potential of solar thermal in Delaware.  The Presentation closes by examining various impediments to solar thermal adoption.

Author: Brian P. Gallagher, Delaware Million Solar Roofs Coordinator

Date of Publication: March 6, 2007

Pages: 22

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