Solar Thermal Energy Act: Implications, Obligations and Benefits for Application (2009)

This presentation was done during the Montevideo Construction Fair by Mesa Solar, the organization promoting solar thermal energy in Uruguay. It aims at informing the participants about the legal and policy background that Uruguay is offering in order to support investments in the solar thermal sector.

The presentation addresses the legal, administrative, technical and financial issues related to the solar thermal industry in Uruguay. The first part offers a brief overview of Mesa Solar, technical data regarding the country’s potential for solar thermal energy, and presents the latest legal and technological developments. From here the presentation describes the law in force (Ley de Eficiencia Energética, Reglamentaciones de acondicionamiento térmico) and the advantages offered to investors.

Most importantly, it underlines the co-financing schemes and premium incentives offered for investments in the solar thermal sector, some of the major actors involved being the World Bank, the GEF and most of the biggest banks operating in South America.

Document only available in Spanish

Author: Mesa Solar

Date of Publication: 2009

Slides: 44

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