Solar Thermal Energy 2025 (2010) Clean Electricity on demand: attractive STE cost stabilize energy production

This document was created by A.T. Kearney, a global management consulting firm.  The report is an industry roadmap that is the result of research into the future of the solar thermal industry conducted through a survey of various international solar thermal actors across the industry.

The industry roadmap lays out the probable future development of the global solar thermal electricity industry.  Solar thermal is now entering what the report calls a “commercial ramp-up phase”, due to solar thermal’s comparative advantages to other renewable energy sources.  By 2015, the report predicts, technological efficiency initiatives and deployed economies of scale will have reduced the costs of solar thermal electricity by 25%.  Furthermore, by 2025 solar thermal electricity costs may be 50% lower than current prices, and in a position to compete with conventional energy sources.

The report emphasizes the role governments must play in promoting solar thermal electricity with efforts such as rewriting energy legislation that hinders new plant construction and the creation of effective market mechanisms.

Author: A.T. Kearney

Date: June 2010

Pages: 52

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