Solar Thermal Design: Research, Design and Installation of a Solar Hot Water System for Redwood National Park (2003)

This paper details the research, design and installation of the solar thermal water-heating project at the Redwood Information Center (RIC) in Orick, California, USA in 2003.

After research, they chose to focus on active, indirect solar thermal systems, rather than a passive system. An active system utilizes pumps, rather than natural heat convection currents to move thermal liquid throughout the system. This report takes you through the factors (hot water demand, solar availability) and choices they had to weigh for the system before installation.

There are charts and tables that display life cycle costs, general economic analysis and cost breakdowns. It concludes by describing the performance and results of the solar water system in place, which has provided nearly all of the hot water being used at the facility.

Authors: Andrew Sorter, Kelly Miess, Richard Engel, and Angelique Sorensen

Date: April 16, 2003

Pages: 10

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