Solar Thermal Cooling: technology, cost and case study (2014)

This document was presented at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) event on Renewable Energy Applications for Island Tourism, held in Cyprus on 29-30 June 2014. A link to the event’s summary, agenda and documents is available here. The presentation was given by Panagiotis Tsekouras, Mechanical Engineer at CRES.

In this presentation, solar thermal cooling systems are presented are valid alternatives to conventional cooling systems. The use of solar thermal cooling systems allows to cut electricity consumption by 87 percent. Basic thermal cooling methods are also presented and compared.

The presentation includes schemes and pictures of typical solar cooling configuration, explanation of how the chiller works and comparison of different solar technologies. Design, energy and cost considerations are also taken into account. The presentation includes also two case studies of Greek hotels.

Author: Panagiotis Tsekouras

Date of Publication: 2014

Pages: 15

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