Solar Thermal in China (2002)

This document of the Zhejiang Energy Research Institute, from 2002, provides an overview of the evolution of solar thermal use in China, since its start in early 50s until recent days, emphasising the resolutions of both the 2000-2015 Development Plan and the five -year Plan for the New and Renewable Energy Industry Development of China.

The document highlights the success of solar water heating, the most relevant solar thermal application, on a commercial level. Solar drying, on the contrary, is still in a demonstration stage of development, whereas solar cooking experiences a good market penetration, especially in rural areas on the underdeveloped parts of the country.

In terms of obstacles, the document points out the fact that more R&D policies are needed to give the market a more quality focus, rather then price. There is still a relevant gap in terms of manufacturing capacity and quality supervision and still much work to do in terms of public awareness.

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