Solar Thermal Applications for Buildings - Developments and Perspectives (2009)

This presentation was given by German consultancy SiNERGi in 2009, and gives a broad overview of the solar thermal market in Europe, with a specific focus on Germany. It describes how the European market has broadened from predominantly domestic solar water heating systems to include a high share (45%) of combined systems for DHW and room heating, as well as growing numbers of collective systems and district heating systems.

Typical domestic SWH systems and combined systems are compared in the presentation, which also focuses on innovative technologies that have brought about significant performance improvements: integrated tubes, improved pump technology, and innovative solar controllers. In general, SiNERGi is optimistic about the potential for further market development in Germany, but highlights the need to keep raising awareness of the benefits of solar thermal energy across its population.

Year: 2009

Pages: 23

Author: SiNERGi

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