Solar Thermal and Concentrated Solar Power Barometer (2014)

This report published by the French organization EurObserv’ER provides an overview of the Solar Thermal and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) markets in Europe in 2013.  The first section of the report is dedicated to CSP. After analyzing the global and European markets, the barometer focuses on the development of the CSP technologies in Spain, Italy and France.  The second part covers the solar thermal market.  The barometer explains that for the 5th year in a row the European solar thermal sector is facing a slowdown. In 2013, the market decreased by 13.2% compared to 2012. The total installed collector area covered slightly over 3 million m², representing a capacity of 2.119,3 MWth.  The barometer shares data on the annual installed capacity per type of collectors  in the 28 countries of the European Union.  The publication provides a more detailed overview of the situation in Germany, the UK, Italy, Poland, France and Denmark.

Author: EurObserv’ER

Date : May 2014

Pages: 18

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