Solar Thermal Alternative Residential Heating Methods (2011)

This report was written by the Kotzebue Electric Association (KEA), which helps provide electricity to the indigenous NANA Region of Kotzebue, Alaska. It reports on test efforts at installing solar thermal heating systems in a number of homes in Alaska that were in need of home heating assistance.

In total, 6 homes were installed with either evacuated tube systems or flat plate systems. The results of the test cases were inconclusive. The KEA ran into a number of labor problems, which caused them to overshoot their budget and have to scale back their efforts. Since these cases were performed to test the practicality of solar thermal in the Arctic Circle, the problems caused the researchers to not draw any sweeping conclusions from their experiments and to hopefully be able to return to the issue in the future.

Author: Jesse Logan

Date: 2011

Pages: 48

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