Solar Process Heat SO-PRO (2010)

This short presentation explains the SO-PRO Project which is being coordinated by the Energy Agency of Upper Austria (O.Ö. Energiesparverband).

The project, financed by Intelligent Energy Europe, will put in place market development activities (training, developing guidelines, information for industrial decision makers, etc) in six European regions, aimed at boosting solar process heat.

The project has a precise goal of leading to 60-100 new installations in 3 years. In Europe, the potential for process heat is considerable. About 30% of the total industrial heat demand is at temperature levels below 100°C which means it could easily be supplied by this technology. However, currently only 70 installations were identified by the IEA Task 33 Solar Heat for Industrial Applications.

Author: SO-PRO
Date: 2010
Slides: 8

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