Solar Power for Tomorrow's World (2011)

This presentation was created by Ken May of Abengoa Solar, and was published by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). It explains the potential of solar thermal hot water heating to displace conventional electric use and create long term utility savings.

According to the presentation, one of the main potential benefits of solar thermal energy use is to displace the use of natural gas that is projected to be used much more widely to create electricity. The presentation says that at current installed costs, solar thermal is close to competitive with petroleum products, and that expanding large scale systems should help to reduce costs. To quicken the deployment of solar thermal technologies in a wide range of uses and settings, the presentation suggests that California should up its goals for usage and increase funding by the state over the $108 million currently being used to fund multi-family and commercial installations.

Author: Ken May P.E.

Date: 2011

Slides: 20

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