Solar Industrial Process Heat (2011)

This 2011 presentation gives an overview of the industrial process heat market, and outlines the barriers and obstacles to further growth. Although low- and high-temperature solar thermal applications have now long been developed, the presentation notes that medium-temperature solar thermal applications are still at the infancy stage, with research and development only beginning in 2000.

The presentation gives two examples of system design for solar process heat in industrial applications, and lists the key industries for which it is of major interest: paper, food and beverage, textile, metal and plastic, chemicals.  It recognises several barriers to the full development of the market, including a lack of awareness amongst decision makers and a resistance to new technology from industry leaders.

Other obstacles relevant to the solar thermal industry in general are also identified, such as the high investment cost and lack of tailored training/education. Methods for overcoming such barriers include demonstration projects, subsidies, information campaigns and better training. The presentation also outlines the specific benefits of industrial solar thermal process heat for developing countries in Africa.

Author: Dr. B.F. Chanche, Agricultural University of Athens

Date: 2011

Pages: 20

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