Solar Heating and Cooling of Buildings (2007)

This document includes detailed information about solar heating and cooling technologies for buildings. The document is one of the deliverables of the BRITA in PuBs project (Bringing Retrofit Innovation to Application in Public Buildings). This FP6 funded project involves different countries (Norway, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Germany, UK, Lithuania and Czech Republic). The aim is to develop demonstration projects in selected public buildings to demonstrate how renewable energies could be used.

This document in particular includes information such as the use of the technology and if it is mentioned in European or national regulations and standards, investment costs, energy costs savings, maintenance requirements and calculations methods used to assess the feasibility of the different technical solutions available. The document also includes some best practices examples in Spain, Italy and Guadeloupe.

Author: BRITA in PuBs 
Date: 2007
Pages: 10
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