Solar Heating and Cooling in Austria - Status Report (2009)

This report - presented to the International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Programme in 2009 - gives an overview of the solar heating and cooling industry in Austria.

This includes an outline of the national and European regulatory environment, and the research programmes used to further technological development in the sector. Austrian public expenditure for energy research is specified as €31,886,023 in 2007, of which €826,852 was directed towards solar heating and cooling.

The report then proceeds to list the promotion measures for market deployment of solar thermal systems in Austria. This is primarily dealt with by the Solar Market Deployment Initiative ‘klima:aktiv’, which is funded by annual local government contributions of €50 million. Statistics are given for the installed collector area, installed solar systems, and the production, export and import of solar collectors in Austria. These are used to support the report’s outlook for 2010, which states the need for further development to improve the efficiency, reliability and cost of solar thermal technology.

Author: Prof. Gerhard Faninger, University of Klagenfurt

Year: 2009

Pages: 41

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