Solar Heat Worldwide - Markets and Contribution to Energy Supply 2010 (2012)

This report has been written by Werner Weiss and Franz Mauthner in contribution to the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (SHC). It documents the solar thermal capacity installed in 55 countries, and ascertains the contribution of solar thermal systems to the supply of energy and the CO¬2 emissions avoided as a result of operating these systems.

The report quantifies that at the end of 2010, the surveyed countries had an installed capacity of 195.8 GWth, corresponding to 279.7 million square meters of collector area. This figure is representative of over 90% of the worldwide solar thermal market. After looking at the newly installed capacity in 2010 for glazed and unglazed collectors, the report charts the market development between 2000 and 2010. Here the importance of the Chinese market is stressed.

The contribution of solar thermal systems to the energy supply and their CO2 reduction is then outlined. In 2010, unglazed collectors are estimated to have caused energy savings of equivalent to 1.2 million tonnes of oil or 3.6 million tonnes CO2; while glazed collectors have saved 16.1 million tonnes of oil or 49.5 million tonnes CO2. The majority of these savings have been in domestic hot water heating applications, with other areas - such as solar air conditioning - still at an early stage of market penetration.

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Author: International Energy Agency

Date: 2012

Pages: 62

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