Solar Energy – Upside for Downstream (2010)

The report published in 2010 by the Silvia Quandt Research deals with the downstream segment of the solar industry, highlighting its potential for investors. Starting from the case of feed-in tariffs in Germany, the report analyses not only key markets, but also the activities of leading companies in this sector.

After a brief description of the solar thermal technology and its applications, an overview of the solar thermal market and its development follows, with a focus on the solar thermal power technology (CSP). The subsequent chapter is dedicated to the companies acting within these markets, in each case the author presenting a clear and concise description of their structure, management and performance outlook.

The added value of this report is considerable, particularly because of the amount of details presented. Not only does it present interesting data regarding developed and emerging countries, it also contains an analysis of each company’s business strategy and perspectives.

Author: Silvia Quandt Research

Date: 2010

Pages: 106

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