Solar Energy in Spain in 2007: Current Status and Prospects

This report from IDEA (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía) provides an overview of the Spanish solar market in 2007 (including not only solar thermal, but also PV and thermoelectricity), in terms of technology, installed capacity, existing companies, the potential growth, existing legislation an public subsidies, together with an overview of IDEA’s projects on each application.

The report emphasises the positive development that solar thermal energy registered in 2006, with a 26% growth rate, which compared to 11% in 2005 and 8% in 2004 is indeed remarkable. Main applications are domestic hot water and heating and pool heating. Process heat and solar cooling are also relevant.

More information to the public is still necessary to increase awareness to the benefits of this energy. Improvements in technology, legislation and incentive schemes are also needed to boost this energy in Spain, according to this report.

Download document here or read it below

(Only available in Spanish)



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