Solar Energy Solutions for Multi-Family Housing (2012)

This case study comes from the international solar energy company KU Solar. It profiles a solar thermal installation for a multi-family housing complex in Missouri, and provides a return on investment analysis.


The main benefit of solar thermal, according to the case study, is that a one-time investment will provide most of your hot water needs for 25 years. The system in this case study provides 1,000 gallons of hot water each day at a temperature of 140°F for use by 50 occupants in the multi-family residence. Before the use of substantial incentives for solar thermal, the system in question cost $200,000 all told. But after using the incentives, and calculating forward for 25 years regarding the cost of energy saved, the multi-family residence will have netted $425,074 on their investment.

Author: KU Solar

Date: 2012

Pages: 2

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