Solar Energy: Let’s Look at the World with Different Eyes (2006)

This is a presentation on different solar energy technologies, including photovoltaics and thermal. After a brief schematisation on what is the solar energy and how it can be used, the author explains the main differences between passive and active solar systems.

The document explains first the passive solar systems based principally on basic thermodynamic and physical laws as the “chimney effect”. The main idea is that there is a process which uses windows, walls and floors of a building to collect solar heat. Passive solar heating doesn't require any mechanical devices such as fans, pumps or electrical controls. Some passive solar design elements as thermal mass, solar tile or wall Thrombus are used in these passive solar systems.

Concerning the use of active solar systems, three sub-divisions can be seen in this presentation: lighting, heating, cooling and electricity. Different technologies and ways of use are described with many schemes and illustrations presenting various possibilities to replace the conventional electricity sources with these new clean technologies.

Document only available in Bulgarian

Author: Vladislava Georgieva (Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and Energy)

Date: 2006

Pages: 10

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