Solar Electric and Solar Thermal Energy: A Summary of Current Technologies (2014)

This document, written by Tayyebatossadat P. Aghaei of the Global Energy Network Institute (GENI), illustrates the different applications of solar thermal and photovoltaic technology. 

After a brief introduction on the history of solar energy, the document firstly explains the functioning of large scale solar thermal technology systems, differentiating between flat-plate collectors and concentrator collectors. This section includes also graphic representations of the different systems.

The third section of the document explains the functioning of small-scale solar thermal technology options, including solar water heaters, heating and cooling, desalinisation, dryers, cookers, furnaces. The document includes also a section dedicated to solar thermal power plants and statistics on the world installed concentrating solar thermal power capacity. 

Author: Tayyebatossadat P. Aghaei, Global Energy Network Institute (GENI)

Date of publication: November 2014

Pages: 40

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