Solar-driven Water Treatment Experiences in India (2014)

This presentation on solar-driven water treatment was given by SolarSpring’s Dip.-Ing. Lorenz Bauer at Intersolar Europe in June 2014.  After a short introduction on SolarSprings’ products and activities, the speaker presented 4 different solar water treatment projects that were conducted in India. These 4 projects use specific solar disinfection systems and their aim is to provide sufficient safe drinking water to the communities’ populations and create an optimized municipal waste water treatment.

From these experiences, it can be concluded that there is a big demand for decentralized water treatment application in India.  It has also shown that installing solar water treatment system can be difficult due to the heavy administrative burden it implies and the need to rely on professional local partners.

Author: Dip-Ing Lorenz Bauer

Date: June 2014

Pages: 14

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