Solar District Heating – Macro Analysis Report (2011)

The 'SDHtake-off - Solar District Heating in Europe' project supports the market rollout of solar district heating in Europe. It started on July 2009 and runs for a period of three years. This report is based on one of its workshops (held in September 2010) and the data gathered by the Ecoheat4EU project (supported through the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme), which aimed at evaluating the potential of district heat & cooling technologies in attaining the ambitious EU 2020 energy policy targets. This report seeks to identify specific conditions that hinder/support the deployment of solar heat technologies in existing and new district heating schemes throughout Europe.

It is based on information gathered through the means of a questionnaire distributed in five countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Italy) and on the results from the devoted workshop. Regarding the general legislative framework the report shows that while some European states have a well-established legislation concerning this topic, others have none. Support measures for district heating are also very diverse, ranging from only a few incentives such as carbon tax to numerous investment grants and price regulations.

Moreover, the analysis points towards the fact that the deployment of solar district heating technologies is directly related not only to incentives and actor capacity, but also to differences in costs for land and solar collector systems alike.

Author: SDHtake-off project

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Date: 2011

Pages: 41

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