Solar District Heating Guidelines: Collection of Factsheets WP3 – D3.1 & D 3.2 (2012)

This document, issued by the platform Solar District Heating (SDH) and supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union, gathers a series of factsheet aiming at helping those who plan to build a solar district plant.

It provides information on both technical and non-technical aspects.  The technical section focuses on  the different systems (central or distributed systems)  and their components (solar collectors, storage, pipes, pumps and heat exchanger) as well as the safety equipment, while the non-technical one concentrates on ownership,  financing, authorizations, tendering, contracts performance guarantee, supervision and monitoring.

The guidelines also gives advice on the preliminary investigations to be conducted and provides a questionnaire to make an assessment of the future SDH site.

Date: August 2012

Author:  Solar District Heating 

Pages: 152

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Download the document here, or read it below:

sdh-wp3-d31-d32_august2012.pdf 8.1 Mb [147 download(s)]

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