Solar Cooling. A Review of Technology, and Feasibility Study for Ager Sectus Winery, Blenhein, New Zealand (2010)

This document reports the results of a study undertaken at the Ager Sectus Winery, near Blenheim, in New Zealand. The study looked at different solar cooling technologies and their possible use in the winery.

The document starts by explaining the different solar cooling technologies (PV, heat engine, absorption chiller, etc). Solar thermal absorption cooling is the most popular air-conditioning application and is used in different parts of the world. The performance of the systems is still variable, but the average payback period is of 15-20 years.

A lithium bromide – water absorption cooling system powered by an evacuated tube collector system was, according to the authors, one of the best possibilities for the News Zealand winery.

Author: Project Solar

Date: 2010

Pages: 17

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