Solar Cooling and Process Heat for Emerging Markets and Developing Countries (2011)

This presentation outlines the benefits of solar cooling and process heat for emerging markets and developing countries, and charts the work of Solar Installation Design (S.O.L.I.D) to increase its market penetration. S.O.L.I.D works to deliver fixed price turnkey installations for cash, with case studies included of existing projects such as the EA Tower in Pristina and the Olympic Sailing Village in China.

The presentation emphasizes that projects will develop most in emerging or developing regions with high electricity resources and excellent solar resources, where peak solar radiation and peak demand for cooling match perfectly. However, there remain significant barriers which must be overcome. The payback period is 5-10 years for process heat and 8-13 years for solar cooling, which makes it very hard to entice investors in the current climate, with improvements to government incentives, general awareness and education imperative to facilitate further market growth.

Date: 2011

Author: Solar Installation Design

Pages: 8

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