Solar Combi+: Identification of Most Promising Markets and Promotion of Standardised System Configurations

This document from 2008 summarises the European funded Solar Combi+ project which aims to support the market introduction of small scale cooling systems in combination with traditional solar thermal systems for domestic hot water and space heating. The small-scale applications are targeted for use in residential, catering, small commercial and office buildings surroundings with a cooling demand of 20kW.

The project wants to address the barriers - such as the need for specialised design - which blocks the widespread use of this small application. The report further addresses the work plan of the Solar Combi+ project which looks into the market analysis, case studies, and training, among other points.

The overall objective is to provide the industry with validated standard system configurations. It is also foreseen to make a database publicly available with all the relevant aspects of small-scale combined solar heating and cooling.

More information and documents can be found on the website of the project:

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