Solar Collectors: an Evaluation and Comparative Analysis of the Conditions of Bulgaria (2009)

This is a document presented by Maya Stoyanova from the Bulgarian Center for Solar Energy, during the seminar “Sustainable development of buildings: solar energy and life cycle assessment of buildings”, organized with the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2009.

After a brief explanation about the positive effects of using solar energy, this document presents an overview of the different types of technologies using solar energy, such as heat engineering systems, electrical systems and hybrid systems. After a very detailed technical and schematic description of the different systems and giving some advises of how they can be optimised, the author provides also a brief overview of European, as well as national and international standard.

The main point of this presentation is the efficiency control and the comparison of these systems with the territory of Bulgaria and its specific climatic conditions. All technologies presented here are compared in terms of energy efficiency and heating and cooling capabilities. The amounts of heated water per day and per city in Bulgarian are also presented.

Document only available in Bulgarian

Author: Maya Stoyanova

Date: 2009

Pages: 55

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