Solar Collectors for Air Heating: Profitability Analysis (2014)

This Master’s thesis, written by Joseba Moreno Mendaza, from the Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development of the University of Gävle in Sweden, is a feasibility study evaluating whether installing transpired solar air collectors in large industrial buildings in the city of Gävle would be profitable.

After a generic introduction of the topic, the thesis provides detailed information on the components of a solar air collector system and sets up the theoretical scope.    The author also explains the methodology used to conduct his study and shares the results of his calculations.  A chapter of the thesis is devoted to the profitability study of the system, covering the investment and running costs.  Before sharing his conclusions, the author also provides a short analysis on the positive impact the project has on environment.

Author: Jodeba Moreno Mendaza

Date: June 2014

Pages: 88

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