Solar Board (2009)

The presentation of the Mesa Solar project occurred during the “International Solar Energy Forum on the Development of Solar Technology and Industry under the Financial Crisis” in Lanzhou, China. The goal of the presentation was to attract investors by raising the awareness about Uruguay’s potential in this sector.

After some background information regarding the country’s economy, especially its energy supply needs and power consumption, the presentation reveals governmental strategic directives concerning the diversification of energy supply and improvements in energy efficiency. Solar thermal and solar water heating technologies are given special attention because of their inherent advantages. They are not only environmentally friendly and economically viable – the payback time being estimated to maximum 5 years, given the country’s solar potential – but also a source of economic growth. Estimates show that from all available options these technologies would generate the highest employment/TW•h.

The presentation also pinpoints the Uruguayan legal framework for solar technologies, incentives such as tax exemptions, standardization requirements for solar collectors and a future large-scale solar thermal project.

Author: Mesa Solar

Date: 2009

Slides: 28

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