Solar-Assisted Technology Provides Heat for California Industries (2011)

Created by the California Energy Commission, this brochure highlights the benefits of solar thermal collectors as it pertains to industrial development in California. It focuses on augmented solar thermal collectors and how they can be used to assist in a variety of industrial processes. The SAB Miller brewing facility in Irwindale, CA volunteered to install the solar thermal systems in order to drive key industrial process heat applications at the facility. The objectives of the project were to prove the feasibility and safety of implementing medium temperature solar energy to meet a variety of industrial needs and to do so at a cost of less than $0.38 per watt. It also aimed to prove that the XCPC solar thermal technology can achieve a cost of energy at less than $0.032 per kilowatt hour. 

Authors:  Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Date of Publication: 2011

Pages: 2

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