Solar Air-Conditioning System Using Single-Double Effect Combined Absorption Chiller (2014)

This presentation on solar air-conditioning system was given by Kawasaki’s Hajime Yabase, together with Kiyohshi Saito of the Waseda University and Muhammad Idrus Alhamid of the University of Indonesia, at the ATMOsphere conference which took place in Tokyo from 3 to 5 February 2014.  The speakers outlined the numerous advantages of using double-effect absorption chillers in solar air-conditioning system.    Absorption chillers use water as refrigerant instead of Freon, they consume less energy than electric chiller and different energy sources can be used.  The presentation also compares a conventional cooling system using a single-effect absorption chiller with an improved double-effect one.  The example of Kawasaki’s factory in Shiga is given and data are shared on energy production and consumption at two different times of the year.  With the help of the Japanese Ministry of Environment, the University of Indonesia has started a solar cooling project in January 2014, hoping that the results of this project will encourage the development of solar cooling technologies in Indonesia.

Author: Hajime Yabase (Kawasaki), Kiyohshi Saito ( Waseda University) and Muhammad Idrus Alhamid (University of Indonesia)

Date: February 2013

Pages: 12

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