Solar Air Collectors for Space Heating and Ventilation Applications – Performance and Case Studies in Romania Climatic Conditions (2014)

This paper on solar air collectors for space heating and ventilation applications was presented by Sanda Budea of the University Politechnica of Bucharest, during the 1st International e-Conference on Energies hosted by the Sciforum, an online platform for open scholarly exchange and collaboration, in March 2014.  The author shared the results of experiments and case studies conducted under Romanian weather conditions to analyze the performance of solar heat collectors for space heating in winter and for ventilation applications in summer. As an example results showed that with a solar radiation of 900-1000 W/m², a solar air collector can achieve 50 % of its efficiency in approximately 50 minutes in summer. The article also provides information on the characteristics of the solar air collector, the test setup and the mathematical modeling used.

Author: Sanda Budea

Date: March  2014

Pages: 12

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