SOARR - Camp Whitcomb-Mason (2012)

This document was created and published by the non-profit group Supporting Opportunities in Advancing Renewable Resources (SOARR), which brings together communities to help mentor young people through renewable energy. This document focuses on a solar thermal hot water heating system their group installed at Camp Whitcomb-Mason, which is a training facility for the Boys and Girls Clubs’ in Wisconsin.


The group of participants and their mentors installed 8 solar thermal collectors at the facility. The system can provide up to 400 gallons of heated water per day. It took the group 8 weeks to install the system; which was provided by the company Hot Water Products and supported by over $4,000 from Wisconsin’s renewable energy incentive initiative.

Author: Supporting Opportunities in Advancing Renewable Resources (SOARR)

Date: 2012

Pages: 3

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