SASSA Low-Pressure Solar Water Heater Programme (2011)

This presentation describes the Supplier Solar Academy of Sub-Saharan Africa’s planned project to install low-pressure solar water heaters (SWHs) in low-income households throughout South Africa. The SWHs installed under the project - which takes advantage of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) - will typically be 110 litre storage tank low pressure SWHs with a collector area of 1.08m2.

Registered on 12 March 2011, project’s first phase will include 59,000 installations, with a total potential for 229,000 installations across South Africa in the 3 year duration. The presentation is clear of the various benefits for South Africa:

  • Social upliftment through free-of-charge provision of SWHs
  • Employment Opportunities regarding their installation
  • Environmental Benefits, including reduced electric water heating loads and estimated annual emission reductions of 1.3 tCO2/SWHA

Two other project partners join the SASSA in ensuring successful implementation: International Carbon (CDM Cycle Management) and Standard Bank (CER Offtaker). The presentation closes by giving details the project’s relevance within the CDM. Not only is it the first registered Plan of Action (PoA) in South Africa, but the first SWH specific POA worldwide.

Date: 2011

Author: International Carbon

Pages: 21

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