Report on Solar Water Heating in the Tourism Industry (with a focus on the Caribbean Region)

Tourism is one of the main economic drivers in the Caribbean region. For many islands in the region, tourism is a major source of GDP and employment. Like all companies, tourism businesses seek to reduce operating costs and increase revenues. In the Caribbean region, tourism businesses face high and fluctuating energy prices because most islands rely almost entirely on imported liquid fossil fuels for energy generation.

In addition, Caribbean tourism businesses are facing increasing pressure to improve their environmental performance to meet the growing demand for greater sustainability in the travel and tourism industry. By implementing sustainability measures, the tourism industry can contribute to the region’s ambitious targets to reduce fossil fuel consumption and increase the share of renewable energy to total electricity generation. There are a wide range of sustainability strategies tourism businesses can pursue to minimize their environmental impact including adopting renewable energy technologies.

This report provides a starting point for tourism businesses that are interested in exploring the opportunity of Solar Water Heating (SWH), specifically, for small to medium sized hotels.

It is intended to be used by industry leaders, building managers, and business owners in the tourism industry, who are interested in learning about the opportunities, barriers, and design considerations of SWH systems. The report provides:

  • An overview of the opportunities and barriers to solar water heating deployment in the tourism industry in the Caribbean region.
  • An overview of SWH technologies and applications, outlining design issues tourism businesses should consider when installing SWH systems.
  • Information on the steps tourism business owners can take to develop a comprehensive energy management strategy.
  • Steps tourism businesses can take to invest in solar water heating systems.
  • A series of case studies profiling tourism businesses that have adopted solar water heating, and information on available resources that can help inform a business owner’s decision to invest in solar water heating.


Date: 2015

Pages: 40

Download the document  here 


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