Report on Solar Energy and Heat Pumps (2009)

The present economical context prevails upon finding new heating technologies, that would generate primary energy saving and supposed to show competitive investment costs.  In this document we tried to present the main offer available today, and also to determine their advantages and draw backs. 

For Heat pumps with standard thermal solar receivers, using conventional solar thermal receivers, needs naturally a dedicated piping, connected to a thermal storage cylinder when the sun shines and disconnected by bad weather.  HP central heating with solar pre-heating are quite similar to the previous configuration.

The difference is that a common volume is used both by central heating and DHW production circuits to store heating water and pre-heating by a thermal solar receiver loop.  According to the case, the thermal buffer could be integrated in a single multi-functional cylinder, or a separated buffer cylinder will be added in the case of greater installations (schools, hotels, etc...) or renovation of an existing installation. 

Author: Bernard Thonon, Julien Kohler, Antoine Mathieu



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