REPAP2020 Project

Renewable Energy Policy Action Paving the Way towards 2020

The specific objective of REPAP2020 is to facilitate the process of implementation of the RES Directive on a national level. The main target group of REPAP2020 are Parliamentarians and Civil Servants in national administrations as well as national industry associations. REPAP2020 aims to support their political work in the field of Renewable Energy – mainly related to the NREAPs.

REPAP2020 will – in a first phase before the notification of the NREAPs to the European Commission – accompany the development of the NREAPs by offering good advice to the relevant authorities on the design of the NREAPs. Furthermore, REPAP2020 will empower national industry associations to come up with their individual national RES roadmaps which will serve as important tool to influence the drafting phase of the NREAPs.

In a second phase, the project will evaluate the NREAPs in order to facilitate a constant feedback and learning process. REPAP2020 will show good policy practice and highlight missing pieces in the individual NREAPs.

REPAP2020 also aims at creating a network of key players in the field and at offering a platform for the RES industry as well as for Parliamentarians (both EU and national Parliaments) and National Administrations in charge of energy issues. These key actors will be involved both as input providers and disseminating partners. REPAP2020 shall enable them to express their views on the political process and help to improve the upcoming political decisions on RES within Europe and especially on the Member States’ level.

To learn more about the REPAP 2020 project please visit the website:

The brochure “NREAPs – Paving the way for 20202 – Guidelines and supporting document for the design phase of the NREAPs” was published in November 2009 within the scope of the REPAP 2020 project. It provides valuable information to help national stakeholders and civil servants draft the NREAPS as well as an overview of organizations and contacts available at European and national level.

The brochure is presently available in English only but translated versions of the brochure will be made available soon. To download the brochure, please click here


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