Renewables for Heating and Cooling (2007)

This document, prepared by the International Energy Agency, comes as a follow-up of the 2006 seminar “Renewable heating and cooling – from RD&D to deployment technology and policy” aimed at exploring guidelines and policy initiatives to boost technology development and market deployment for renewable heating and cooling (REHC).

According to the report, heating, and to a lesser degree cooling services, accounts for around 40-50% of global consumer energy demand each year. However, these two applications have not received the same attention from governments and associations as energy efficiency, renewable electricity, or biofuels for transport.

The report includes an overview of the different technologies and renewable energy sources that can be used for heating and cooling (geothermal, biomass and solar thermal). Country reports are also provided, covering Germany, Canada, France, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and UK.

Source: IEA

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