Renewable Energy Projects as Published in the National Renewable Energy Action Plans of the EU Member States (2011)

This report, compiled by the Energy Research Centre from the Netherlands with the help of the European Environment Agency, has been published in February 2011 and illustrates the targeted levels of renewable energy production that the EU member-states want to obtain by 2020.

Among other advantages, solar thermal energy is particularly outlined as an important source among the renewable heating and cooling options. The study presents a detailed account of the present situation of solar thermal energy in each member-state and the EU as a whole. Moreover, it gives insight about the forecasted figures for each country.

Besides the substantial amount of information compiled and made available, the document’s real added value is that it comprises not just a sum of statistics, but also guidelines for the potential investors in solar thermal energy in the EU.

Author: Energy Research Centre

Date: 2011

Pages: 244

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