Renewable Energy in Industrial Applications. An assessment of the 2050 potential (2010)

Up to 21% of all final energy use and feedstock in manufacturing industry can be provided by renewable energies by 2050, concludes UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, on this report published in 2010.

The publication sheds some light on the use of renewable energies (biomass, solar thermal, heat pumps) in industrial applications. Although widely known for its use in residential applications, renewable energies are less common in manufacturing.  

The energy costs of manufacturing constitute a substantial share of total energy use worldwide, approximately one third, according to the statistics presented in the report. The report explores the potential of solar thermal cooling and process heat which, according to the research undertaken, could contribute with 5.6 EJ/yr to industry by 2050, mostly in the food sector. 

Author: UNIDO

Date: 2010

Pages: 60

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