Renewable Energy in Europe. Markets, Trends and Technologies (2010)

This second edition of the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) study presents the latest political, technological, financial and economic information on renewable energy technologies in the fields of heating and cooling, electricity and biofuels in order to reach the binding 2020 target of at least 20 % renewable energy from final energy consumption.

In the European case specialists outline solar thermal technologies as one of the best alternatives of clean energy because of its 2 main applications: heating & cooling and electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES electricity). In each of these sections the study presents a detailed analysis of the costs, market developments, positioning of European companies in the EU and abroad, as well as the socio-economic benefits resulting from the growth of this industry. Moreover, it offers a handful of case studies in order to demonstrate the successful implementation of these solutions by different EU countries.

Not only is this paper a detailed and comprehensive picture of the state of play of this renewable energy sector, it also provides a thoughtful economic and social outlook of this emerging industry in the context of the 20/20/20 targets.

Link to executive summary of 1st edition of this report (2004)

Author: EREC

Date: 2010

Pages: 289

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