Renewable Energies Sources in Finland – OPET Report (2002)

In 2000, 25% of Finland’s energy consumption resulted from renewable energy sources, which makes Finland share of RES in the total energy consumption the third highest in the EU.

Nonetheless, the government launched a National Climate Strategy and Action Plan for Renewable Energy in 2001 with a view to meet the Kyoto commitments for Finland. The long-term objective is to increase the competitiveness of renewable energies and to ease the development of an open energy market without continuous support measures.

This report, published by OPET Finland (Organisation for the Promotion of Energy Technologies), provides an overview of the development of renewable energy sources in Finland, the progress achieved and the plans for the future, including the state of play of solar thermal market, which is still relatively small, given the cheap alternatives such as fuel oil, electricity and district heating. The plan is therefore to increase the use of solar thermal applications, by a factor of 13 (equaling 170 TJ) from 2001 to 2010.

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