The REN21 Renewables 2011 Global Status Report (2011)

This publication was commissioned by REN21 and produced in collaboration with a global network of research partners. The report includes interesting data about the use of renewables.

In 2010, renewable energy supplied an estimated 16% of global final energy consumption and produced around 20% of global electricity. Renewable capacity now represents about a quarter of total global power-generating capacity. In terms of investment, the numbers are positive as well. In 2010, investment reached a record $211 billion in renewables which is about one-third more than the $160 billion invested in 2009 and more than five times the amount invested in 2004.

Regarding heating and cooling, the publication reports that in 2010, solar water and space heating capacity increased by an estimated 25 gigawatts-thermal (GWth), or about 16%. Renewable energy policies continue to be the main market driver for renewables. At least 95 countries now have some type of policy to support renewable power generation. Feed-in tariffs remain the most common instruments used by governments worldwide.

Author: REN21

Date: 2011

Pages: 116

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