Regional Workshop for the Transformation and Strengthening of Solar Water Heating in Latin America and the Caribbean

This workshop report summarises the regional meeting held in Chile from 22-23 June 2011 as part of the Global Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative (GSWH Project). Organised by the Latin American Energy Association (OLADE, and regional partner for the project) together with the Chilean Ministry of Energy, the Regional Workshop looked to strengthen the network for SWH in Latin America and the Caribbean, with expert speakers and participants from nine Latin American countries.

The initiative has been funded by the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and jointly implemented by the UNDP and UNEP since 2009, with the goal to accelerate the global commercialisation and sustainable market transformation of solar water heaters (SWH) through the creation of regional and global platforms for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

  The workshop had three objectives:

  • To review progress of the GSHW project (including as part of the Knowledge Management System)
  • To introduce the status of the GSWH project implementation in Mexico/Chile
  • To share best practices

A broad overview of the project was given by UNEP Programme Officer Amr Abdel Hai, with more specific information from Latin America’s different national coordinators and country representatives. This report summarise every speech, along with the different working groups and individual country presentations.

Discussions included the possibility of building on GSHW by creating sub-regional markets across Latin America according to the region’s different bioclimatic zones. The next step to achieve this is identifying countries or sub-regions with political will and high potential for solar thermal market development for water heating. On the evidence of this workshop, enthusiasm is especially high in Nicaragua, Uruguay, Ecuador and Columbia. Progress can be discussed in the next regional workshop for the Initiative.

Author: GSHW

Date: 2011

Pages: 28

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