ON-RE Report: Energy Innovation in Municipal Building Codes (2009)

The Italian National Observatory on Energy Saving Building Regulations (ONRE) released this report in 2009 in co-operation with Legambiente and CRESME. European Directives like the RES 2020 or the energy efficiency in buildings have pushed local authorities to create new legislation to comply with the different targets set in the directives.

This report goes through the national and local legislation enforcing the use of renewable energy sources, including solar thermal energy. The document provides a breakdown by region of the legislation created in terms of energy efficiency, thermal insulation, standards and certification, use of renewable energies and the technologies. Legislation enforcing the use of solar thermal energy for solar water heating showed to be quite diverse over the country. Overall, there are 253 municipalities with obligations to install solar thermal panels.

The document finalises with examples of sustainable districts in Bolzano, Turin, Bergamo and Senigallia.

Download here or read it below (only available in Italian)


InnovazioneEnergetica_comuni[1].pdf 526.2 Kb [315 download(s)]

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