Re-energising Europe. Putting the EU on Track for 100% Renewable Energy (2013)

This report, published by the NGO WWF Europe, looks at Europe’s energy consumption by 2030. If the right policy measures are put in place, by 2030 the European Union could:

  • use at least 38% less energy
  • generate more than 40% of its energy from renewable sources
  • reduce its energy related greenhouse emissions by 50% compared to 1990 levels

The approach put forward suggests on the one hand increased energy saving efforts and on the other hand greater investment in renewable energies. It details the energy savings needs in transport, buildings and industry and the possible use of renewable energy sources in these same sectors. As far as solar thermal is concerned, the report indicates that in retrofitting activities, 25% of the heating and hot water needs could be met by installing solar thermal systems.

The report concludes that the goal of 100% renewable energy use by 2050 is possible. WWF pushes for authorities to put in place the appropriate policy and financial measures to accomplish this target.

Author: WWF

Date: 2013

Pages: 32

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